April 11, 2014

Creating "Wow!" Moments in Your Designs

Last night we hosted Design Salon with Design New England Magazine. The topic of the evening was "How to Get to 'Wow!'" with your designs, and specifically in our case, interior design and decorating. So, how exactly does one do that? Our three focal points for any room include color, upholstery details, and accessories.

The thought of using lots of color in a space causes major anxiety in some people. We get it; it's a big commitment if you're using a color that's really dark or super saturated or just something you wouldn't normally use. Remember this: you can always repaint, but there's a good chance you'll end up loving the new look. 

Wallpaper is a bit more permanent than paint—let's face it, it's not as easy to remove and you can't just paint over it if you don't like how it looks. Experimenting with a bold pattern in a small space is a great way to ease into all-over color, so we'd suggest testing it out in a powder room first.

Upholstery details are another way to incorporate surprise into your designs. These nailheads have been applied on top of leather trim:

And speaking of trim, it's all over this sofa and these pillows:

Sequins are a nice touch on pillows, too:

Photo from Osborne & Little
 Accessories are another layer of design that can have a big impact on the way a room looks and feels. We love decorating with natural elements such as fresh flowers, potted topiaries, bowls of fruit, and decorative branches.

Displaying collections of treasured mementos can be a conversation starter. Take this collection of Eiffel Towers, for example. Wouldn't you be curious to know how and when the owner acquired all of them? Are they all from Paris, were they gifts, did she buy them herself? There's always a story behind such a collection.

Photo from Suzanne Kasler
These are a just a few of our suggestions for creating interior spaces that look unique and feel personal. Whether you're redoing an entire room or just reorganizing a small vignette, these are ideas just about everyone can relate to and try out at home. What's you favorite way to create little "Wow!" moments in your designs?

April 4, 2014

Jute Rugs from Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert is one of our favorite rug companies—their stripes, plaids, and patterns are the perfect mix of preppy New England style and casual beach house comfort. It's no wonder, given that they're based in Massachusetts!

They recently added some new designs to their jute rug collection. Our top picks this season are the Marco and the Cooper:
Marco Jute Soumak Woven Rug
The Marco is plush underfoot, which you might not expect with a jute rug, but this one is super luxurious. The cut-pile pattern looks amazing in red. If you're in the mood for something more neutral, the other color options are much quieter but every bit as stylish.

Cooper Jute Woven Rug
The windowpane plaid on the Cooper brings a sophisticated touch to an otherwise casual rug. It's a subtle pattern that blends easily with stripes and solids. The classic colors make it a simple rug to work with in any room.

We love the unique look of these jute rugs, and their softness is a quality that can't be beat. If you had to pick just one, would you go for the funky Marco or the classic Cooper?

March 28, 2014

A Radiant Master Bedroom

When Radiant Orchid was named color of the year, we immediately set about brainstorming the best way to show it off in the store. It was a go-big-or-go-home situation—we felt that we had to make a big statement with it or else it wouldn't be worth showcasing. A color that has this much personality gets lost when used in small doses, so we did what any designer would do—we used it from floor to ceiling to create a dramatic, happy scheme that proves any color can look great when strategically placed throughout a room.

Note the ombre trim on the drapes. Beautiful in this photo, but 110% better in person.

Small dashes of spring green pop up throughout the room in the bedding and the artwork. It's such a refreshing compliment to the saturated fuchsia.

We made a point to vary the intensity of Radiant Orchid throughout the room by using softer shades of purple in accent pieces like the table lamps, votive candle holders, and area rug. The difference in saturation creates a balance that feels cohesive and soothing. 

Is this color a trend you would try out at home? How would you use Radiant Orchid?

March 25, 2014

Design Event: Spring 2014 Salon Series

Join us on April 10 for an evening of conversation devoted entirely to design! We're hosting the Spring 2014 Salon Series presented by Design New England Magazine. The topic is "How to Get to 'Wow!'" in all of your design projects.

Our guest speakers will be sharing advice for how to create designs with results that really pop. Details big and small will be discussed, so it's a great opportunity to learn how you can take your own designs to the next level using tips from the pros.

Come on out, enjoy some light refreshments, and let's talk design. To RSVP, register online at DesignNewEngland.eventbrite.com. We look forward to seeing you!

March 21, 2014

A New View on Blue

Blue and white is a classic color combination. When you mix these colors with soft neutrals and textured wallcoverings, it goes from being formal and dressed-up to relaxed and lived-in. In one of our newest vignettes, we piled on the patterns in varying scales and styles to create a casual boys' room that looks like it belongs in a seaside bungalow down the Cape.

The blown-glass lamp, painted chest, and hooked rug pull the room together in a pointed yet approachable way. It's the kind of room we would have loved to sleep in as kids!

Cozy and snug with layers of blankets, lots of pillows, and a plush area rug underfoot, this kid-friendly bedroom is brimming with easy style and casual comfort.

March 18, 2014

Studio Reveal: Our New Workspace

The new studio space in our showroom is up and running, and between the rows of hanging fabrics, rug samples, wallpaper books and pillows, it's hard to say what our favorite part is. Perhaps it's just how organized everything feels—every sample and every book has its own place, and everything is so much easier to see and find.
The extra space makes it easier to work with our customers, too—no more clutter, no more cramped quarters. The studio has become the heart of the store where everyone naturally gravitates. We love being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and finishes, so we can't really blame them!

Original Art by Davina Perl Beacham at DH

Essex River, Davina Perl Beacham

Davina's talent for capturing exceptional scenery 
and life's special moments is what draws us to her work. 
Dayton Home is delighted to welcome her paintings of New England, 
Europe and her still life canvas' into the showroom. 
Her art displays perfectly as an accent and accessory in our showroom vignettes.
It would be a beautiful addition to anyones collection.

Working from her studio in Dover MA, and inspired by 
the beauty our New England landscape presents, Davina creates work that 
translates the subtleties of color, light and shadows into moments of 
graceful and pleasing artwork.  

Amby, Davina Perl Beacham

Come in to take a look.
Original Oils and Giclee on Canvas on display.
Ms. Beacham also does commission and customized work.